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On this tour we will explore two parks that encapsulate two equally founding moments of Nagasaki’s history: the Peace Park, which commemorates the tragic event of the atomic bombing in 1945, and Glover Garden, the former residence of the western merchants who contributed to the modernisation of the local and national economy.

Was wir ansehen
  • Nagasaki Peace Park
  • Statue of Peace and Fountain of Peace
  • Glover Garden
  • Shopping in Hamanomachi

Was wir erleben
  • Our first destination is Nagasaki Peace Park, a tranquil landscape created in 1949 on the very site of the atomic explosion of 9 August 1945 as a monument against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
  • The park also features the famous statue of peace, a bronze carving that symbolises the strong wish for reconciliation felt by the local people, and the magnificent fountain of peace which bears an inscription taken from the diary of a young girl which recounts her terrible thirst on the day of the bombing.
  • We will continue our tour with a much lighter tone at the magnificent Glover Garden, characterised by ancient western-style houses. Located on a hillside, the gardens boast a breathtaking view of the city and are a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Our tour ends with an opportunity to explore the Hamanomachi shopping district, a labyrinth of streets and galleries inhabited by over 700 traders with countless curiosity shops selling traditional crafts or local delicacies.


Anmerkung: Angesichts des langen Spaziergangs durch den Friedenspark und den Glover Garten sollten bequeme Schuhe angezogen werden. Dieser Ausflug ist für Gäste mit eingeschränkter Mobilität nicht empfehlenswert. Da es keinerlei Möglichkeit zum Geldtauschen gibt, wird den Gästen dringend empfohlen, sich vorher Japanische Yen zu besorgen. Die Reihenfolge der Ausflugsziele kann abweichen. Bitte nehmen Sie Sonnenhut, Sonnenbrille und eine Flasche Wasser mit. Tour beinhaltet eine chinesische oder english Sprache sprechenden Reiseführer

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