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We will experience the incredible thrill of swimming and snorkelling in two underground cenotes –natural caves that the Mayans believed to be sacred– and we will end our excursion in style with a delicious typical lunch.

Was wir ansehen
  • Snorkelling in the first cenote
  • Snorkelling in the second cenote
  • Typical Mayan lunch

Was wir erleben
  • We will leave the port and embark on our journey to admire one of Mexico's natural wonders: the spectacular cenotes. They are natural caves where crystal-clear waters surface from the depths of the earth and the Mayans believed them to be sacred as a means of communicating with the gods.
  • We will enter the first cavern, which conceals a deep lake with clean and transparent bright blue water. We will enter the water for an unforgettable snorkelling session, feeling at one with nature and the age-old history of the Mayan people.
  • Then we will reach the second cenote, where we will repeat the extraordinary experience of swimming in a cavern, surrounded by fascinating rock formations and sparkling blue water.
  • We will end our excursion with a visit to a Mayan village where we will sample some local dishes for lunch and raise a toast to the wonderful experience.

  • Minimum age for snorkelling: 8 years.
  • The coach transfer to the cenotes takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • This excursion includes stretches on foot on uneven and rocky terrain, slippery surfaces and slopes.
  • You must be able to swim.
  • Do not forget a change of clothing, a towel, comfortable shoes and a waterproof camera.
  • This excursion is not recommended for guests who suffer from fainting spells or claustrophobia.