Hakata Ramen & Itoshima with lunch

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We are going to pass in front of Fukuoka tower and go to Anegonohama. There is a Anegonohama spread to of 20m wide. When we walk on this sandy beach, we can hear the sound squeaky. This is the proof that the particles of quartz are rubbing and sound. This sound can hear only the beach without garbage.

Next stop will be Futamigaura. Because the sunset over the Sea of Genkai is so beautiful, Futamigaura Beach is known as “Futamigaura of the Sunsets”. It is also called Sakurai Futamigaura Beach, as the two rocks lying close to one another just off the coast that are connected with a sacred straw rope are owned by Sakurai Shrine, and were venerated by the Kuroda domain lord for generations.

Then we will go to " Ichiran no mori" . ICHIRAN is the most dedicated Ramen Company to the study of Tonkotsu Ramen in the whole World. Instead of diversifying our menu, They concentrate only on Tonkotsu Ramen. There are over 40 specialists involved in every single bowl. They always pursue a higher level of Ramen. After having lunch and spend some time at Ichiran no mori, we will go to Marinoacity which is a one of the largest mall in Kyushu for shopping. Then we will go back to the port.


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